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ClassX has been continuously producing professional software applications for Broadcast Graphics for over 25 years. To be precise, Michele Puccini and Giovanni Pallesi started developing desktop video applications on Amiga platform already in 1991 in Michele´s garage, in a small town not far from Pisa´s leaning tower, in Tuscany.

Its prime product LiveBoard is known for being a powerful yet handy and user-friendly live CG application, flexible to be used with a lot of output devices and always up-to-date with the latest technologies. The product range is vast and covers the needs of thousands of customers who daily use ClassX Applications all over the world.

Any graphics that needs to be sent on air, from the simplest TV logo to the complex real-time data-associated full-screen-graphic can be driven by ClassX Applications. In creation and output, either with ClassX proprietary editor tools or by integrating with existing content creation systems, the flexibility and reliability of LiveBoard has no equals on the market.
Teclasystem developed plug-in integration to full control ClassX product.

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– Advanced Graphics upto 4K
– 3D realtime engine
– MOS compliant