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Halley Informatica has been established in 1979: the main activity are production, installation and software assistance for Public institution, with particular focus on the Municipalities. The company has more than 3,200 clients, covering all the operational areas of the Municipality with its applications: accounting, demographics, taxes, salaries, secretariat, technical department, territory, local police, social services, e-Government.
The key to Halley’s success is the quality of software products, which is ensured through the continuous innovation of production policies and technologies, the continuous training and specialization of the engineers, and the absolute transparency in customer relations.
Halley is able to offer the most qualified assistance network for Municipalities. The entire organization consists of a central office, located in Matelica (MC), 8 branche offices, 9 affiliated companies, 9 distributors, for a total of over 500 employees specialized in information technology for Local Authorities and Institutions.
The activity has been expanded in the last years with more services offer like: Halley Publishing, specialized in the “Regulatory Advice” and micro-software for the local authority; Halley Servizi, specialized in the provision of services such as coupon processing, reclamation, billing, etc., and the Halley Sistemi, specialized in the sale, installation and assistance of system and hardware solutions.

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