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Panorama is a flexible software-based SDI/IP/NDI® multiviewer and format converter, with the capability of generating multiple streaming from any source. The system is designed to host multiple inputs and outputs on a single server. 


Panorama allows to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely and convert any signals into the destination required.

Panorama is available as a turnkey solution or delivered as a software package to meet all the customer needs.

It fully compatible in a virtual environment Cloud based ready.


Panorama is perfect for local and remote environment, It can be scaled from a single channel solution up to hundreds of channels delivered on premises or on a cloud based implementation.

Convert anything to anything

Panorama is more than a simple multiviewer software based solution. It is a Multi-cross converter engine for up, down, cross conversions; between virtually all SD, HD and 4K formats and frame rates.

Boards supported

Panorama supports various SDI capture card such as: Blackmagic Design, AJA, Deltacast, Bluefish.

Key features

  • From single channel up to 25 channel in the same server
  • Stackable, to expand vertically or horizontally the channels’ array
  • Custom output’s layout
  • Supports SDI, IP, and NDI® inputs/outputs
  • SDI/IP/NDI® converter (any to any)
  • supports SD, HD, 4K
  • Hardware bypass SDI IN-OUT (supported boards only)
  • Up/down video scaling
  • Aspect Ratio convertion
  • VU meter, audio level adjust, crop, fields inversion
  • Plug-in for simultaneous multiple inputs recording
  • Integrated alerting system
  • WebRTC, SRT, RTP pro-mpeg, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, UDP, IIS smooth, WM streaming in/out
  • SMPTE ST2110, 2022-6, 2022-7.
cropping tool
color space conversion
aspect conversion
format conversion
framerate conversion
interlaced & progr. conversion
youTube live streaming
facebook live streaming
bars generator
single file player
loudness monitoring
alert monitoring

Panorama scenario


one IN one OUT conversion

Up/Down conversion

format conversion

Ideal to transform IP/NDI to SDI or viceversa


One IN multiple OUT conversion

Powerful engine allows to generate multiple OUT from same source

Ideal to distribute video feed to multiple destination

MANY to MANY & Multiviewer

Multiviewer up to 25 ch.

Multiple IN/OUT conversion

Alert monitoring

each channel can have independent configuration and multiple out

Site to Site

For remote production

Full resolution high quality


Bi-directional connection

Through internet or via encrypted VPN

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