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Comprehensive Asset Manager

MediaHive is a scalable and cost-effective media asset management (MAM) that gives to Media Companies a web-based tool to easily store, tag, find, edit, share, monetize and distribute media content over multiple platforms. His flexibility provides a simple and unified interface for managing video, audio, docs, and subtitles and eliminate the typical complexity of media management. MediaHive is the perfect choice for different application: broadcast, post-production, content productions, marketing and press offices of corporations, educational, museums, associations. 

Why MediaHIVE

Every company is a media company. Creating, indexing, storing and publishing contents to a variety of channels is becoming a standard task. That’s the circularity of the information enforced to all the subjects at the epicentre of sources and contents’ digitalization. MediaHive easily enables the necessary business activity to let users think only the real aspect of the contents and the storytelling, forgetting about the complex or time-consuming workflows behind the processes.

From small to large systems

MediaHive has been designed to be suitable for several purposes, from small Media company up to large enterprises, it can be integrated into any kind of existing environment. MediaHive is the perfect solution for TV broadcasters, post production studios, advertisement agencies, government organizations which need to archive, catalogue, share and deploy their media with a simple and user friendly web based interface.

Web-based interface

MediaHive supports your favourite web browser on any operating system, no software installation is required to use the system. Users can access the system from inside and outside company organization preserving the security policy.

Intuitive search engine

MediaHive incorporates a powerful search engine with google style search and preview, comprehensive advanced search is available and allows to customize the queries search.

Storage agnostic

MediaHive is completely storage agnostic, it supports any NAS, DAS, SAN via fibre, ISCSI or SAS interface. thanks to the micro-service architecture is possible to active plug-in that allows connectivity with Third party tape library storage and/or disk archive system.

Built-in Processing

MediaHive has a powerful built-in Streamfly transcoding engine capable to read and generate the following format: MPEG-2, XDCAM, DV, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, IMX, MPEG4, Apple ProRes, WMV wrapped MXF, MOV, and AVI, up to 4K resolution. Proxy are automatically generates in MPEG4 and allows users to preview all the contents and create EDL (editing decision list). Common image format are supported  (ex. doc, xls, pdf).

Archive Management

LTO and Cloud-based storages can be integrated as a plug-in in MediaHive, for archiving and restoring any content upon user request. The archive system is fully customizable, from a single drive, up to tape libraries with hundreds of slots and manage cloud archive as well.

Workflow Management

Every business processes need an efficient workflow management system. MediaHive incorporates some workflow features by default, like: manual upload, automatic upload using watch folders, automatic metadata import, collections management. The workflow engine is natively designed to support a wide range of deployment models from a single simple task to multiple complex steps.

Edit tool

MediaHive provides an integrated video and audio editing tool. Using the collections, that editors call bins, users can generate sub-clips or brand new contents in the desired format for different purposes to be delivered to various platforms. MediaHive’s editing tool is a browser-based interface and frame-accurate where the user marks the sections of material to cut and trim; at the end of editing action, the high-res transcoding engine retrieves the source media files and generate the new essence as specified.

Plug-in based system

MediaHive has been designed to be implemented with third-party plug-ins; a wide range of integrations are already available, it is possible to develop new custom plug-ins. Integrating any third-party system or covering customers specific workflows and needs. Among the plug-ins already available as an option, there are: OTT and social media publication, automatic file-based QC, content share by email, etc.

Docker supports

DockerMediaHive has been designed to run on docker engine this kind of  deploy allows MediaHive to be installed in any OS platform available today on the market (Windows based, Linux, MacOS) and any processors  (x86, x64, ARM, s390x, ppc64ie)

Key features

  • Web-based User Interface
  • Preview video, with streaming functionalities (includes frame by frame)
  • Metadata management (custom metadata available)
  • Upload single files and watch-folder automatic import available
  • Works on local storage, virtual environment, or cloud based system
  • Powerful search engine
  • User management with LDAP integration
  • Automatic generation of proxy files
  • Built-in high resolution transcoder with watermarking options
  • Fingerprinting functionalities
  • Supports all popular media files (videos, audio and images), up to 4K resolution
  • Supports Document management (all major docs format: doc, docx, pdf, etc.)
  • Built-in rough-cut video editing
  • Advanced user administration and policy management
  • Workflow integration with XML and FTP management
  • Plug-in to share content via mail
  • XML export for Final Cut PRO and Adobe Premiere CC
  • Plug-in for archive solution
  • Plug-in for AI (speech to text, scene recognition)
LDAP integration
Built-in transcoding engine
DropBox integration
YouTube plug-in
Facebook plug-in
Instagram integration
Trimming tool
Subtitle & CC preview
OneDrive integration
Cloud ready
NLE integration
Google Drive integration
Custom metadata
Sharing plug-in
Twitter integration
Speech to text
Archive plug-in
Amazon S3 Drive