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Takes advantage of the latest technologies, cost effective off-the-shelf broadcast hardware, and the expertise of a long extensive team for a modular comprehensive cutting-edge software suite, with high-efficiency and reliability for 24/7 broadcasting operations. 

Why Aria

Aria is suitable to manage and control from a single stand-alone simple channel to dozen of TV channels in the same system, securing unattended 24/7 broadcasting operations.

Aria offers unparalleled flexibility by playing mixed format and mixed resolution content, as well as streams from internet and pictures straight to air (SDI HD/SD, NDI® and IP). 

Insert a logo, a complex graphics template or trigger DVE effects and PIP cannot be so easier, both using pass-trough or fill & key to MC.

Aria allows as well to control simulcast output and external devices (ex. routers, master control),  multiple remote or local users can manage the playlist, ingest, trimming operation and metadata insertion.


Aria provides state of the art playout automation processes. Its modular architecture makes it suitable for broadcasting organisations of any size and for media professionals who need seamless content Channel in a box solutions. 

Aria is also featuring additional modules for music channels and visual radio, enabling a single platform to manage Radio and TV activity combined with the channel branding. 

Format independent

Aria supports MPEG1/2/H.264,HEVC/H265, XAVC, HDV, DV, DVCPro and DVCPro HD codecs and every known production wrappers like: AVI, MPEG, MP4 WMV, Quick Time or MXF. Files from legacy Videoservers are natively supported (ex. LXF, GXF, SAF).

It doesn’t matter the frame rate of the content because Aria can rescan while playing, progressive and interlaced content, based on the chosen output setting.


Aria is 100% software based solution, that means it’s fully compatible with virtual environment, but it cal also benefit form the GPU acceleration in case is necessary  multiple H264 or H265 encoding.

Advanced Graphics

Aria includes sophisticated graphic capabilities and a range of branding workflows. An intuitive bundled CG editor allows creative operators to design and preview off-line all the graphics template.

Aria graphic engine lets the customer decide the best topology for theirs operations, it can be used as a CIB with a pass-trough graphic overlay for live channels, or provide fill & key to be interfaced with a third-party master control or video mixer.


Aria can offer different level of redundancy options such as: one + one (mirror mode), n + 1 (backup mode) or n + m (backup mode). An intuitive dashboard allows the operator to have a clear overview of the system in real time and manage all the channels.


Aria can playout at the same time SDI, NDI®, and two streams (one full size and one ¼ size) to be published for social networks or website.

Cloud ready

Aria can run in a Vmware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment and is also possible to be hosted on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Openstack Logo

Aria is also certified on Openstack platform, it’s able to controls a large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, allows enterprises to leverage up-to the maximum level the business continuity and the flexibility of the overall workflows.


Using Aria in a virtual environment gives advantages for a better hardware utilization, instant deployment of additional channels, much easier migration and inexpensive high-availability clustering. Combined with Panorama module, Aria in the cloud can also being interfaced with SDI I/O.

supported boards

Aria supports various cards for SDI input and output such as : Blackmagic Design, AJA, Deltacast, Bluefish.

Key features

  • Multi-channel, multi-format Playout Automation system
  • Automatic up/down video scaling and aspect ratio conversion
  • Multi-level redundancy options with automatic synchronization of playlists and media files
  • Dynamic graphics overlay engine with composer (logos, tickers, crawls, clocks, DVE)
  • Live events management
  • Subtitles playback (SRT format)
  • Direct playback/ingest over on-board storage or LAN(NAS/SAN)
  • Multi-format real-time ingest tool (MPG,MXF,MOV,MP4,H.264)
  • Hardware bypass SDI IN-OUT (supported boards only)
  • Supports play-while-rec operation (specific formats only)
  • Embedded scheduling editor with integrated videopreview
  • Clip trimming and metadata
  • No mandatory database
  • Innovative software integration layer to host connection drivers with any third-party software tool
  • Interface drivers for A/V routers and other devices
  • Direct NDI® and IP streaming output
  • Optional add-on for Music Channel, Visual Radio, Web TV
  • SMPTE ST2110, 2022-6, 2022-7.
cropping tool
realtime aspect conversion
youTube live streaming
facebook live streaming
subtitle and closed caption
mirror playout
realtime interlaced progr. conversion
built-in transcoding engine
social media interface
trimming tool
powerful graphic engine
cloud ready

Have a look at
Aria Tv suite capabilities

Playout scenario

Single channel for 24/7 playout TV automation, advanced graphic overlay on recorded and live events (passthrough)
typical use
  • entry-level thematic or temporary TV
  • channels with LIVE events
  • fully operative backup playout system for main and secondary events
  • closed circuit TV channel for corporations
  • shopping centres or stores
  • sport centres or associations
Two channels 24/7 playout automation (main & backup 1+1) advanced graphic overlay on recorded and live events (passthrough), dedicated client for ingest, scheduling, graphic editor and metadata
typical use
  • TV channels with LIVE events
  • closed circuit TV channel for corporations
  • shopping centres
  • stores
  • sport centres
  • associations
Four channels 24/7 playout automation, advanced graphics on recorded and live events (2 with pass-through), dedicated graphics machine with fill&key output and hardware-bypass for 2 channels
typical use
  • Multi-channels with LIVE events
  • Fully operative backup and disaster recovery playout system