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Aria Tv for Ishigaki Cable Television


Aria TV Channel In an box has been deployed for Playout at Ishigaki Cable Television (Ishigaki-City, Okinawa, Japan).
Ishigaki Cable Television has been used Vatic Automation, who need to use more than five PC server and large space for deployment.
Ishigaki just starts playout service under new Aria Tv playout system,
uses Single HD channel playout through Baseband Ingest, File Ingest, Trimming.

Rich Graphic such as L-Bar Alert, and instant message very help their daily operation.
Geographic Location of Ishigaki is on Regular Course of Typhoon to Main island Japan.
Aria Tv gives them these important alert message on TV screen.
Ohta who is general manager of technical department leave comment below:
We had been looking for Cost effective, Compact, Easy Deployment automation, L-Bar Alert, instant message.

There are many playout system if above mandatories are ignored.
We had a news from Kondo in End of June 2019, then we saw it Trade show in Osaka Exhibition in Early June.
Next Day when we saw it, we decided to buy. How we could make this decision.
“The product is very good, and having excellence experiences from Kondo Broadcast” said the general manager of the Tv station.