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Ina CATV nagano

Ina reported that they possess a comprehensive package of 3,600 hours of XDCAM 50 video files suitable for on-air broadcasting, along with RAW video files. Since 2017, they have been archiving these files using the XenData Archive, utilizing LTO6 tapes. However, with the discontinuation of LTO6, Ina is now actively seeking a cost-effective future archiving solution that aligns with their budget.

During their evaluation, Ina explored several vendors, including SONY, Dalet, Fujitsu, NEC, and For-A. After careful consideration, they have opted for Tecla MH and XenData as their preferred solution. Their confidence in XenData stems from their previous experience and expertise, enabling a seamless migration of the tape INDEX into the new system through a simple import process.

Additionally, Ina has identified the need for a robust Media Asset Management (MAM) system. They have been informed about CIB Dynamo from Kondo Broadcast, which boasts a built-in MAM feature. Since Ina requires both MAM and playout functionalities, they are keen to avoid redundant expenses and have consequently made the decision to implement CIB Dynamo for their upcoming playout system at Ina.

Ina, the leading CATV station in Nagano prefecture, chose and successfully deployed MediaHive by the end of March.

Youichi Kagoshima, Chief Manager in the Broadcast Department, has expressed positive remarks regarding the chosen solution.

“MH efficiently loaded enough Metadata index to meet their standard customer requirements. Ina has been diligently maintaining their own metadata since the inception of their broadcast.

Working closely with Tecla through Kondo Broadcast, Ina requested various customizations to tailor the system to their specific needs. Tecla promptly responded by creating a custom index and consolidating all necessary indexes onto a single page. This user-oriented UI significantly streamlined the process of inputting metadata, making it faster and more effortless for the team. Despite their large asset library, Ina found that Tecla’s solution provided a seamless workflow, requiring less effort and ensuring a smooth operation.”

Youichi Kagoshima, expressed immense satisfaction with their collaboration with Tecla, and they are delighted to work with such an effective and responsive solution.

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